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Τel:  70070013

CPL Business Solutions
Demokratias Avenue 10Β,
2370 Agios Dometios, Nicosia

4 Sessions

14 Hours

Language: English


Cost of Participation
€350.00 /per participant
Maximum 10 persons per company

Subsidies Amount
80% per participant

Final Cost
€70.00 /per participant

100% subsidies for unemployed


  • Transformational leadership is a leadership style that focuses on inspiring and motivating
    followers to achieve their full potential by creating a vision of the future and encouraging them to work towards it. Transformational leaders inspire and motivate their followers by creating a compelling vision of the future and communicating it in a way that resonates with them.

  • The seminar offers a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge to empower participants as leaders in various fields. The seminar covers a wide range of components, such as transformational leadership, communication skills, strategic thinking and planning, emotional intelligence, and leadership change.

  • By the end of this seminar, participants should have gained a comprehensive understanding of Transformational Leadership principles, effective communication strategies, strategic thinking and planning, emotional intelligence competencies, and the skills required to lead and manage organisational transformation and change better.

  • These learning outcomes will help participants enhance their leadership abilities and create a positive impact within their organisations.

The seminars goals are:
  • To evaluate leadership styles and choose when to apply transformational leadership To design effective strategy to overcome gap between Y & Z generations
  • To demonstrate skills of great leaders
  • To define and apply S.O.L.E.R method
  • To adopt practical communication tactics for various situations
  • To interpret body language cues to improve communication effectiveness
  • To compare strategic thinking and operational thinking
  • To apply SMART criteria to goal-setting
  • To encourage culture of Innovation and engage employees in the process
  • To identify emotional intelligence competencies and their significance in leadership To develop and improve emotional intelligence skills
  • To implement practical assessments and feedback mechanisms To increase self-confidence in the workplace
  • To identify the key factors influencing change
  • To distinguish between different phases of the change process To overcome resistance to change and manage it effectively

The seminar is aimed at administrative, managerial, and supervisory executives, such as:
  • General Managers
  • Executive Directors
  • Owners/Directors of small businesses, Accounting Managers
  • Logistic Managers
  • Procurement Managers
  • Distribution/Production/Engineering Managers
Christoforos Lazarides
Certified Instructor
Business Consultant
Business Systems Expert

Christoforos Lazarides is a graduate of the American University of Bridgeport and is a Professional Systems Expert and researcher at the international organisation EUREKA. The applied many years of experience and know-how make him an expert in identifying, analysing and solving complex business problems by designing and implementing applicable strategic solutions from idea to completion. In 30+ years of experience, it has acquired a rich portfolio of complete successful solutions in internationally renowned companies and organisations.

A Certificate of Training will be awarded to
participants who have successfully completed the program.

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