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AI Driven Automation

C.N.G Infosystems LTD. is an innovative business solutions provider offering corporate training, coaching, consulting and cutting-edge technology to clients who want to stay ahead of the competition. With over 30+ years of experience, we have helped more than 1200 companies improve their financial and operational performance.

Our expertise lies in providing customised solutions that meet our clients' specific needs, ensuring they stay ahead of the competition.

Our corporate training programs are designed to help businesses enhance the skills and knowledge of their employees, ensuring they are equipped to meet the challenges of today's complex business landscape. Our specialist trainers work closely with businesses to develop tailored training programs that meet their specific needs, covering everything from technical skills to leadership and management development.

In addition, our consulting services give businesses access to our team of experts with a deep understanding of the latest technologies and industry trends, who can help them identify areas for improvement, develop growth strategies and implement best practices across their organisation . Our consultants work closely with businesses to understand their unique challenges and opportunities and develop solutions tailored to their specific needs.


Χριστόφορος Λαζαρίδης
Πιστοποιημένος Εκπαιδευτής
Σύμβουλος Επιχειρήσεων
Eμπειρογνώμονας Eπιχειρησιακών Συστημάτων

Ο Χριστόφορος Λαζαρίδης είναι απόφοιτος του Αμερικανικού Πανεπιστημίου UB (University of Bridgeport) είναι Εμπειρογνώμονας επαγγελματικών συστημάτων και ερευνητής του διεθνή οργανισμού EUREKA. Η εφαρμοσμένη πολύχρονη εμπειρία και τεχνογνωσία τον καθιστούν ειδικό στον εντοπισμό την ανάλυση και την επίλυση σύνθετων επιχειρηματικών προβλημάτων με σχεδιασμό και υλοποίηση εφαρμόσιμων στρατηγικών λύσεων από την ιδέα μέχρι την ολοκλήρωση. Στα 30+ χρόνια εμπειρίας έχει αποκτήσει ένα πλούσιο χαρτοφυλάκιο ολοκληρωμένων επιτυχών λύσεων σε διεθνούς φήμης εταιρίες και οργανισμούς.


We are a proud organization supporting and executing Research projects (E! 3612 POSMA research project)

"Many small family businesses in Europe face a stark choice. They must either sell their businesses or introduce stock control and invoicing systems to compete with big business."
Chris Lazarides,
CPL Group, Cyprus

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