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Online Presence Management

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Participation fee
€425.00 + €80.75 (VAT) /per person

€340.00 /per person

85.00+€80.75 (VAT)=


Tel:  70070013

CPL Business Solutions
10b Demokratias Ave., 2370 Ayios Dometios, Nicosia


20 Hours

Language: English

Chris Lazarides

  • Online presence management, includes all the activities that a company conducts through the global web (WEB 3.0), with the aim of attracting new customers, through (SEO, search marketing, social media, reputation management, content marketing and social PR), further achieves the promotion of their competitive advantage, with the ultimate goal of sales growth, by increasing the customer base and retaining loyal customers.

  • This seminar will provide participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to create and manage an improved, effective and personalized online presence that covers the full range of online presence: Corporate website - web page, search engine optimization (SEO) methods, presentation of structured content (web content marketing), communication, public relations (social PR), promotion and maintenance of corporate reputation (reputation management).
The seminar is addressed to managers and supervisors from the departments of sales, marketing, IT, customer service as well as to small business owners / managers who are responsible for the promotion / sale and sale of products and services and the improvement of their customer relationships.
  • Understanding what online presence management is and how it can increase your sales
  • A better understanding of the basic principles of the internet and the viral dynamics in the rapid transfer of information
  • Understanding the importance of content management with online reading parameters by recipients and the mechanisms of tracking and analysis of factors that affect the invisibility of websites (SEO)
  • Keyword recognition and analysis using specialized tools such as Google Keywords Tool
  • Understanding the basic principles of layout and presentation of a corporate website, the presentation of your brand and identity (colors, background, navigation, menu, dynamic evolution, customization, responsive device base and mobile apps)
  • Analysis of structure models of a successful and well-designed website (web design) with pleasant and effective UX navigation
  • Effectively present your company profile and your competitive advantage and the customer can win by working with you
  • Find out with feedback how your customers see you and if it converges with the display of our ideal profile


1: Analysis of internet parameters

• Σύντομη αναφορά στην δημιουργία και την σημερινή δυναμική του παγκόσμιου ιστού www
• The role of the corporate website and the dynamic presentation of the competitive advantage
• Definition and characteristics of the parameters and necessary elements for effective implementation of a successful corporate web presence optimization WPO (web presence optimization)
• Effective menu layout and presentation / design elements
• Familiarity with Parallax effects features, 3D video display
• Advantage of automatic navigation frame adjustment, on all devices with dissimilar screen characteristics (mobile, tablet, desktop) - Responsive Design. UX
• The importance of social media marketing for the business and the correlation with the corporate website and other methods of electronic marketing (eMail, blog, entries in other online forums - Links) and the content of the message in relation to public relations (Social PR)

2: Website construction

• Construction of a corporate website on Facebook
• Construction of a corporate website in WIX
• Selection of business model per company
• Choice of appointment (online booking), food delivery
• 3D illustration (for objects or spaces), Augmented reality presentation
• eShop cart, sales management, navigation language definition
• Products groups, families, currency, VAT, prices, offers

3: Mobile APP construction

• Build a mobile APP based on the website

4: SEM Search Engine Marketing & Google Analytics

• Paid advertising on Google (Google Ads) and FACEBOOK
• Facebook Ad’s and tracking results including all promotions through your Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics account
• Google keyword planner
• Create the illusion of a great brand by regularly maintaining communication interaction and engaging relevant high-readability communication sites

5: Social Media Strategy

• Optimized SM - Content Marketing strategy formulation
• Factors on which the strategy is based
• Social media strategy design
• Post tracking plan and interaction
• Awareness with a social attitude policy

6: Blog marketing - Communication

• Creating a blog
• Tips for blogs
• Blogger, Tumbler, Facebook-Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest connection
• Content marketing (content marketing)
• Announcements with comprehensive know-how in the subjects of corporate specialization
• Communication management and feedback (reputation management)

7: eMail marketing in combination with Social Media

• Methods of sending bulk e-mails to customer lists with the ability to filter with targeted criteria. Use of TAGS
• eMail campaigns, automation
• Landing page campaign
• Newsletters to subscribers, celebration, events
• Call to action and parameters for effective
• Conversion rate optimization

8: Public relations and social media

• Public relations tools and communication Online (Chat)
• The importance of social media in public relations / reputation management
• Press releases and social media, Press releases, SMNR (social media news releases)
• Social media in the service of Crisis management

9: Smart mobiles & Social media

• Mobile application marketing
• The importance and use of social media through mobile
• Mobile apps for Facebook, Linked, Twitter, Instagram,
• The use of messengers and the Chatbot application (Communication with artificial intelligence technology)

10: Evaluation / action based on customer criticism

• Questionnaire campaigns
• Construction of electronic questionnaires
• Online posting
• Analysis of results
• Methodology and policy for the rehabilitation of dissatisfied customers
• Upgrade procedures and isolate negative elements
• Establishment of continuous feedback and optimization methods
• Establish a CRM system and define a loyalty system
• Automatic rewarding of loyal customers
• Defining targeted personalized communication
• Define an action list (checklist) for actions
• Monitoring and updating content - communication

Chris Lazarides
Certified Instructor
Business Consultant
Business Systems Expert

Christoforos Lazaridis is a graduate of the American University of Bridgeport and is a Professional Systems Expert and researcher at the international organization EUREKA. The applied many years of experience and know-how make him an expert in identifying, analyzing and solving complex business problems by designing and implementing applicable strategic solutions from idea to completion. In 30+ years of experience, it has acquired a rich portfolio of complete successful solutions in internationally renowned companies and organizations.

A Certificate of Training will be awarded to
participants who have successfully completed the program.

The program is approved by the HRDA. The companies that participate with their employees who meet the HRDA Criteria will receive the relevant grant.

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